Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Amish Originals Furniture Co.: Resourceful Rearranging

We came across a helpful video on the Stylelist Home site with some great tips from interior designer Angela Ingo for changing up your home environment by rearranging what you have at home.

Take a walk around your house with an eye on design and just look around, including rooms, basements, closets, and storage areas.
▪ Lighting. Add at least one lamp to the room or try placing lighting around the room to form a triangle. Angela remind us that turning-on a light or two brings obvious purpose to the space and makes the room more comfortable and inviting.

▪ Nature. Blending the outdoors and indoors brings interest into a room so try to incorporate simple natural elements in a room - interesting sticks from your own back yard, a bowl of apples, or a single sunflower.

▪ Fabric. Stop by the linen closet or look through a blanket chest - maybe you have pillows or a throw from an old comforter set that can bring color and texture into a room.

▪ Looking for inspiration? Add continuity to a room - pick out a single item in the room - like a painting, window treatment, or area rug, and pull three inspiration colors from that item to inspire touches to use throughout the room.

▪ Arrange accent pieces in odd numbers  - a single item, like a lamp, three like items (color, texture, theme), or items with similar nature and purpose.

Angela says simple layering of simple items can create a focal point for the eyes to rest on as soon as you walk into the room, giving that room an inviting feeling of comfort.

For additional info:

Click here to take a look at the Angela's interview.

Click here to visit Stylelist online or Angela's home design blog.

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