Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Amish Originals Furniture Co.: Sky's the Limit

We came across some interesting results from a survey conducted by the American Society of Landscaping Architects ranking the most popular design enhancements for outdoor living spaces.

The password is... Retreat.

The most popular enhancement for creating an inviting outdoor atmosphere is lighting; from ambience to safety, from electricity to solar-powered.

Portable or built-in, firepits and fireplaces are a great place to gather 'round to share stories and talk, make s'mores, or just cozy up and relax. 

We like places to sit, places to relax, places to read, places to eat, places to talk, and places to play - comfortable seating and dining space; bistro sets, dining tables and chairs, benches, cushioned chairs, and occasional tables all get a workout in an active outdoor space.

One word - Grills.  Fit into any budget, built-in or free-standing, charcoal briquettes to cooking with gas - there is just something about cooking outside.

Create built-in surfaces for seating or setting - installed seating like walls, ledges, benches, and steps add style and function to an outside atmosphere.

Weatherized outdoor furniture brings living room comfort outdoors with durable materials, like Amish Originals recycled poly-lumber or treated-pine furniture, resin wicker, lightweight cast aluminum, and weather-resistant fabrics.

Creating a true space for outdoor cooking and entertainment with kitchen conveniences like counter-space, storage, a sink, and outdoor fridge just makes outdoor living all the sweeter.

Adding a sound system, wifi, and a weather-proof TV to the mix, takes indoor entertaining outside.

Outdoor heaters are affordable and portable ways to stay outside almost year-round or late, late at night.

▪ Consider water installations, like table top or floor fountains, bubble pots, ponds for koi and water lilies, waterfalls, runnels, and grottos.  The relaxing sound of gently falling water releases stress and provides white noise in a noisy environment.

▪ It is simple to create an outdoor room with placement of "walls" using furniture, trellises, pavillions, pergolas, plants, and textiles.

▪ If you are adding a kitchen, look into cabinets made from marine-grade polymers to handle the weather.

▪ If you'd like to include an environmentally friendly backyard, there are simple things you can do like incorporating native plants in your landscape and utilizing stormwater for water features.

We know that environmental psychologists find that our direct interaction with nature, even for a few minutes a day, improves our ability to relax, think analytically, heal, and replenish. So, get out!

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