Sunday, April 1, 2012

Amish Originals Furniture Co.: Living Room Design Tips

The main rule of thumb for decorating any room in your home is that, from comfort to function to style, the room has to work for you.

Here are some helpful tips on arranging furniture from HGTV:

1. Get out the tape measure.

Get dimensions of the room and room access, entrance, and egress.

2. Mix furniture of various sizes.

Height, Width, Depth

Incorporate a variety of furniture with different characteristics.

3. Use scaled pieces to create balance.

Arranging to scale gives the room a feeling of serenity and a feeling reflecting physical quality, height, depth, and width throughout the room.  If furniture is out of scale, you will feel it.

4. Form a healthy relationship.

The relationship of items to one another to form a pleasing whole - that's balance.

Assymetrical relationships can be reflected with a slight imbalance like different heights and sizes for items next to each other, adding visual motion and excitement. 

Symmetrical relationships are bilateral and help create a restful atmosphere.

5. Use an artist's perspective.

Look at your space like a painter looks at a work of art.  Visual tricks can create the appearance of depth in a space.

Try triangulation - say, two tables at either end of the sofa with a painting above the sofa.

6. Create depth in artwork.

The appearance of dimension can come from artwork: foreground, midground, background, vanishing point. For example, stand at the threshold of your room and place a chair at an angle.  The foreground is closest to you, a cocktail table can be the middle ground, a sofa against the wall is the background, and a window or artwork above the sofa can act as the vanishing point.

7. Think gestalt, where the organized whole is perceived as the sum of its parts.

Totality and form.

Large rectangular spaces can be slipt into zones for function.

Humans tend to feel more comfortable and less formal in square furniture arrangements versus rectangular.

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